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poundpuppy_29's Journal

9 April 1976
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I see myself as a basic homebody. Some people call me antisocial. I am also a very intense person and sometimes I go overboard. I am also very sensitive some have called me over sensitive, ultra sensitive or hypersensitive and it is very easy to hurt my feelings. I am pretty simple person if you are nice to me I will be nice to you. I am a person who will trust someone until you give me a reason not to. I am a very opinionated person. I am also very honest don't ask me what I think unless you really want to hear it. I am a huge sports fan I love the Red Sox, Celtics, Pats and Revs. I like movies I usually like the funny ones, I also like dramas. I don't like the ones that scare you. I don't like the stupid funny ones. I like action ones but they have to have a good story for me to like it. I love listening to music I like all types I need music to stay sane and it helps me think. I love to watch T.V. I can be a bit of a couch potato but I usually like character-driven shows not plot-driven shows I am probably one of the few who doesn't like Lost or CSI. I am a huge Science Fiction fan I am currently obsessed with Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. I am very addicted to internet love to hang out on forums and post pics discussing things and playing games I love Gateworld practically live on that forum. This Journal is just for a little bit of everything quizes maybe fics if I ever write them rants if I am angry enough